Travel: The best views in Phuket, probably – Mom Tri’s Kitchen, Kata Beach

I have a thing for restaurants with a view, as you do. From the stunning Chateau Eza in Eze on the Cote d’Azure, Trattoria Santa Croce in charming Nocelle (a tiny village perched right on top of Positano), to Cafe 103 in Hong Kong, I always make an effort to go eat somewhere with a bird’s eye view wherever I travel.

Karon itself is rather flat, so we took a 10-minute cab ride out to Villa Royale by Kata Beach, where the famed Mom Tri’s Kitchen is based.

And dear me, were the views absolutely stunning.

You walk through a tranquil little garden, and then you catch the teasing emerald waters, which, once you get down the stairs, quite literally slap you in the face with its stunning beauty.



Paradise. I have found you.


Food is secondary at Mom Tri’s Kitchen, mostly because it is so dismally average, expensive and undeserving of a location this magnificent. Service was impersonal and offhand, it very nearly spoiled the experience. But seriously, look at this and I dare you to not enjoy it.



The table in front of us, which was thankfully empty for most of our meal


Soft shell crab with green papaya salad


Double seafood Pad Thai time

There’s also an indoor bar/lounge area with high ceilings and lovely windows that open up to the sea view.



None of these images have been adjusted at all – even I find it hard to believe. What a breathtaking place. If I could look at those gorgeous blues every day, I’d be the happiest girl on earth.


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