Style over substance – cupcakes and flowers

A warning: this post is an exercise in style over substance. I made a few too many cupcakes for a friend’s birthday, and it so happens that I nailed the perfect sky blue frosting, so I thought I’d do a post with some pretty photos of them.

Food colouring: Americolor Sky Blue, with a bit of red mixed in when it veered too much towards mint

Piping tip: Wilton 1M open star tip


**DSC_0038 The flowers were for my mum’s birthday. I absolutely love David Austen roses, but they aren’t that easy to find in Hong Kong unfortunately. **DSC_0020 I couldn’t resist getting a peek of my new Valentino Rockstud pumps in there – I’m so in love with them! **DSC_0050 Photography-wise, I am seriously considering buying an umbrella light to get much softer lighting than I do now with my HK$99 Ikea lamp covered with a translucent shirt. I’m not really happy with the way my photos turn out, the colours are too cold and hard. Thank goodness there are so many amazing blogs out there that cover food photography for beginners, there is so much to learn!

Another crazy cake fortnight up ahead, just finished crumb-coating my grandmother’s birthday cake for this Friday, then my boyfriend’s birthday is the following week. Definitely more cake posts to come folks! Thank you so much for everyone who’s been liking and commenting so far. I can’t believe anyone’s reading, let alone kindly sharing their thoughts!


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