Tutorial: Super easy Shaun the Sheep fondant cupcake toppers

I was racking my brain for a cake theme for one of my best friends’ birthday this past week when she showed me a picture of Shaun the Sheep cupcakes. It was a eureka moment. Even though there weren’t any Shaun the Sheep tutorials out there, I took the plunge and made these toppers, which I was pretty chuffed about!

These Shaun the Sheep fondant cupcake toppers were surprisingly easy to make, so I thought I’d do my own mini tutorial. I didn’t take any photos while I was making them, but here are the very simple steps:

1. For the head:

– Take some black fondant (just under the size of a ping pong ball) and roll into a ball. Lying it flat on your silicon mat, press down evenly with your finger or use a small rolling pin to gently roll over the fondant so that you get an elongated and rounded shape. Check against a photo of Shaun the Sheep to see if the shape is accurate.

– Using a toothpick, poke 2 holes near the bottom for the nostrils.

– Position the head on the cupcake wherever you want it to be.

2. For the ears:

– Roll a small amount of fondant (about half the size of a Malteaser’s) into a ball. Put your index finger on the centre and roll gently so it takes the shape of a sausage.

– Using a fondant tool with a balled end, press it gently into the middle of one length and stop when you reach the centre. You should get a hollowed concave shape.

– Using the length of your index finger, push down gently on the top of the sausage to elongate it until you get the desired length and height. The ear should be just over half the length of the face.

– Put the ears on the head, curving them so that they look like Shaun’s ears.

3. For the eyes

– Don’t put in the eyes until this step. If you put the eyes into the head before you put it on the cupcake, the eye sockets will stretch and it will look like Shaun the Zombie.

– I used oversized white chocolate pearls for the eyeballs, but you can also use white fondant. I didn’t need to use water to affix the pearls, I simply pushed them into the face deep enough for them to hold.

– For the pupils, I used Americolor’s edible black pen to gently dab colour on. Again, black fondant is an alternative. Just use a small circle cutter.

– Tip: Position the pupils a bit differently for each Shaun for a fun cupcake collection!

4. For the wool

– Cut mini marshmallows into half and arrange over the frosting, sticky sides down.

I love this photo. It looks like Shaun is scared of the pig!

Ta-da! And it’s done! It was easy enough for me to make 4 in a row. It does get a lot easier after your first attempt (or third… my first three Shauns were either too fat or too thin), so stick with it if your first go doesn’t work out!

Hopefully that was relatively easy to follow! These are the first cartoon fondant cupcake toppers I’ve done, and I enjoyed it so much I might have to do it again sometime.



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