Review: Cheeva Spa, Mandarava

Cheeva Spa is in the Mandarava Resort, a 15-minute walk uphill from the northern end of Karon Beach. It’s a lovely little spa with a picturesque jacuzzi that overlooks the main pool.

Note that I said: a little spa. Book early. Unfortunately the spa doesn’t open until 10 AM, which means that the evening slots are pretty rammed when hotel guests come back from the beach.

Here’s the Cheeva Spa Menu. They also have offers exclusive to hotel guests, so keep an eye out for them. The prices are extremely reasonable compared to Hong Kong. Plus the spa is spotlessly clean, the masseuses are fantastic, and you can have the jacuzzi on the terrace to yourself if you book in advance. It is a cold jacuzzi though, which gets a bit chilly in the evening!

The three of us tried most things on the menu while we were there (our room was right next to the spa!). The Cheeva massage (1600 THB, 60 minutes) was my favourite, a combination of Balinese and more traditional aromatherapy massage. The Hot Stone massage (2500 THB, 90 minutes) was another highlight, it helped that the air conditioning was on!

Complimentary ginger tea at the jacuzzi after our massage

To top it all off, the views of the sunset at the jacuzzi are just marvelous.

Cheeva Spa Menu (update 31 Jul 14).


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