Travel: The Pools of Mandarava Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Mandarava is probably the best resort I’ve been to, ever. It’s the perfect size, just big enough to be able to have a meaningful wander around it, but definitely walkable (with some good cardio opportunities up the stairs and slopes).


Enjoying a late afternoon poolside mojito at Pomelo Pool

The best part of Mandarava is the choice of pools. There are 3 gorgeous infinity pools, all accompanied by a poolside bar, and there were always loungers available.

The main event is at the Mango Pool, which has a bar right in the pool. It looks glorious in the morning light and it gets sun throughout the day.


Pomelo is definitely a close second. It is the only pool from which you can see the sea, even though it’s quite far away. It’s also lovely at sunset.


Sunset at Pomelo pool, Mandarava Resort & Spa, Karon, Phuket

The only con is that the pools don’t officially “open” until 10AM, as the pool towels don’t get delivered from the laundry until then. So the best thing to do would be to cheekily keep a towel from the day before, or bring your own!


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